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no added ingredients

Our teas come with no added ingredients–just pure, high-quality hand-crafted tea. All of the flavor from the leaf comes out from the way the tea is crafted. For oolong tea, the level of oxidation takes the center stage in the creation of flavor and aroma.

Our teas are in their natural full-leaf form, not crushed and broken up like many teas you’ve seen. Full-leaf teas can have a much stronger lingering after-sweetness, and contain more of the rich flavor and nutritional content from the leaf, without the astringency. 

Our Story

Pào Tea (Pronounced “Pow!”) is the dream of two young tea enthusiasts, who after sharing their unique tea collection and fascinating tea stories with friends and guests from all around the world, decided to go on an adventure to seek out artisan, pure and experimental teas from the source and share them with people from different backgrounds.

We travel to small family farms in high mountains, learning how they craft tea using centuries-old techniques and just one ingredient (fresh tea leaves) to create an enchanting aroma and naturally sweet taste while retaining its balance in flavor.

Tea has a magical ability to bring people together, and in our values we believe that everyone has their own unique story to tell when it comes to tea. Pào Tea seeks to celebrate the diversity of whole-leaf tea and of the people who drink and make it.