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Tea Lemon

The world’s most eco-friendly tea bag



no added ingredients

Our teas come with no added ingredients–just pure, high-quality hand-crafted tea. All of the flavor from the leaf comes out from the way the tea is crafted. For oolong tea, the level of oxidation takes the center stage in the creation of flavor and aroma.

No extra ingredients added, our teas are in their natural full-leaf form, not crushed and broken up like many other teas. Full-leaf teas can have a much stronger lingering after-sweetness, and contain more of the rich flavor and nutritional content from the leaf, without the astringency. 

the health of tea

Fresh tea leaves are rich in nutritional compounds. One class of compounds are called catechins, which are antioxidants. When tea leaves become oxidized, the catechins break down into compounds of another type, called theaflavins.

Because green teas are not oxidized, they are rich in catechins. Black teas are fully oxidized, so they are rich in theaflavins. Oolong teas, which are not fully oxidized, are rich in both catechins and theaflavins.

Together, catechins and theaflavins have been found to have many health benefits.  Research has shown that they can help lower cholesterol, reduce fat, eliminate free radicals (cancer), and help control insulin levels (diabetes). Although there is still much more research to be done, since the exact mechanisms behind these effects are still not fully known, the current results are very promising.